Fenced dog exercise areas

The following areas are fenced dog exercise areas within the City:

  • John Dunn Memorial Park, Kelmscott (the dog enclosed section only)
  • Sienna Wood Dog Adventure Park, Hilbert
  • Newhaven Dog Park, Piara Waters.

Dog prohibited areas

Dogs are prohibited in the following reserves:

  • Gwynne Park, Forest Road, Armadale
  • Bob Blackburn Reserve, Champion Drive, Armadale
  • John Dunn Memorial Park, Third Avenue, Kelmscott (sections A, C and D - see map below).
  • Memorial Park, Orchard Avenue, Armadale
  • Morgan Park, Doorigo Road, Armadale
  • Springdale Park, Springdale Road, Karragullen

These areas are also prohibited for dogs:

  • Playgrounds
  • Any oval which has sports actively being played on it
  • Any land or reserve which has signage stating no dogs.

Dog exercise areas

All other reserves managed by the City are exercise areas. Dogs can be walked off leash, provided they are kept under effective control at all times.

Effective control means that the dog:

  • Responds to commands and comes when called
  • Is within a short distance from the owner at all times
  • Does not act in a threatening or aggressive manner to other people or animals
  • Does not cause damage to flora or fauna
  • Does not enter a lake or water channel.

Please do not allow your dog to become a nuisance to other users of the parks or reserves.

Dog poo

If your dog poos on a street, park or reserve you must remove and dispose of appropriately. 

The City has waste bins and dog poo bags at many parks to assist dog owners with picking up after their dogs.  

If your local park has run out of bags or you would like to request a bin, please contact us.

More information and contacts

If you have any questions please contact us.

Page Last Reviewed 11 September 2019