Armadale City Council is divided into seven wards:

  • Heron
  • Lake
  • Hills
  • Minnawarra
  • Ranford
  • Palomino
  • River Ward

Two Councillors are elected to represent each of these wards for a period of four years. The Mayor is appointed by the Councillors every two years and represents the interests of the entire municipality.

Where are my Councillors?

To locate your ward and find out who your local Councillor is you can refer to the ward map below.

Your Councillors

If there are any issues within your neighbourhood or broader community that you would like to raise please contact one of your local Councillors on the numbers listed below. Your Councillors are available to speak with you at any time but unless the matter is urgent please telephone them between 7am and 8.30pm, Monday to Saturday and preferably not on a Sunday.

Heron Ward Councillors

Cr Jim Stewart
144 Challis Road SEVILLE GROVE WA 6112
Telephone 9497 9524
Term Expires: October 2019
Cr Donna Shaw
43 Hemingway Drive CAMILLO WA 6112
Telephone 0439 593 620
Term Expires: October 2021

Hills Ward Councillors

Cr Grant Nixon
26 Slab Gully Road ROLEYSTONE WA 6111
Telephone 9397 6939
Term Expires: October 2019
Cr Caroline Wielinga
84 Leworthy Loop KARRAGULLEN WA
Telephone 0488 900 307
Term Expires: October 2021

Lake Ward Councillors

Cr Michelle Silver
Telephone 0406 011 431
Term Expires: October 2019
Cr Carole Frost
7 Dortmund Gardens PIARA WATERS WA 6112
Tel/Fax 0401 119 749
Term Expires: October 2021

Minnawarra Ward Councillors

Cr Gary Smith
31 Church Avenue ARMADALE WA 6112
Telephone 0403 124 749
Term Expires: October 2021
Cr Kerry Busby
Telephone 0419 948 866
Term Expires: October 2019

Ranford Ward Councillors

Cr Jeff Munn, CMC
8 Northerly Drive HARRISDALE WA 6112
Telephone 0418 958 493
Term Expires: October 2021
Cr Mark Geary
6 Woodcroft Place MT RICHON WA 6112
Telephone 9498 3416
Term Expires: October 2019

Palomino Ward Councillors

Cr Colin Campbell, JP
5 Pheasant Close SEVILLE GROVE WA 6112
Telephone 0432 382 863
Term Expires: October 2021
Cr Laurence Sargeson
8 Imperial Court SEVILLE GROVE WA 6112
Telephone 9399 4002
Term Expires: October 2019

River Ward Councillors

DEPUTY MAYOR Cr Ruth Butterfield
Telephone 9390 1459
Term Expires: October 2021
MAYOR Cr Henry Zelones, OAM, JP
1 Bunney Road KELMSCOTT WA 6111
Telephone 0428 954 073
Term Expires: October 2019