Copies of Building Plans

The City of Armadale will, upon application and fees payable, provide copies of building plans and/or records to property owners.

There are three types of Plan Searches available:

  1. Copy of a Specific Plan; up to 5 working days to complete - such as a floor or site plan
  2. Copy of Plans; up to 10 working days to complete - such as a Building Permit including associated referenced documents
  3. Building Approval Enquiry; up to 20 working days to complete - a complete search for all building records for a property

The Building Department’s records date back to 1960s, however, please be aware of the following:

  • The City of Armadale does not have a complete historic record of all structures within its district.

  • Plans may not be to scale or depict all existing structures, therefore, may not be suitable for application resubmission.

  • The quality and availability of building plans and/or records cannot be guaranteed.

Completed application and credit card forms can be submitted to

An application fee is payable on submission and non-refundable.