Community Infrastructure Projects

The City of Armadale Master Planning Initiative has been a significant undertaking, covering the following sporting and community hubs:

Master Plan Council endorsement date and decision number
Bob Blackburn Reserve, Seville Grove 31 May 2016 (C20/5/16)
Creyk Park, Armadale 11 July 2016 (C25/7/16)
Cross Park, Roleystone 11 March 2013 (C8/3/13)
Forrestdale Hub - Alfred and William Skeet Reserves 10 March 2014 (C9/3/14)
Frye Park, Kelmscott 11 July 2016 (C25/7/16)
Gwynne Park, Armadale (Short-Medium, Medium-Long Term) 31 May 2016 (C20/5/16)
John Dunn Reserve, Kelmscott 9 September 2013 (C31/9/13)
Karragullen Oval, Karragullen 11 July 2016 (C25/7/16)
Morgan Park, Armadale 11 July 2016 (C25/7/16)
Rushton Park, Kelmscott 9 September 2013 (C31/9/13)
Springdale Park, Roleystone (Short term, Medium term, Long term) 11 March 2013 (C8/3/13)

The planning process, which included consultation with sporting clubs, community groups and local community members, has resulted in the production of 11 Master Plans. These Master Plans will guide the future development of community hubs across the City, ensuring that facilities remain relevant and adaptable over time. The Master Plans are supported by sound financial management and maintenance practices included in the Council’s Long Term Financial Plan.

The Master Planning Initiative was based on the following objectives:

  • Identify current and future demand, and the best use for the reserve and facilities at each of the hubs
  • Develop concept plans for each of the hubs with a sound rationale behind the various design elements
  • Provide direction in the sustainable allocation of resources for the ongoing maintenance and development of reserves and co-located facilities
  • Gather a sound evidence base for the future development of the hubs to assist in sourcing external funds.

An overview of the Master Planning Initiative and subsequent approach to decision making around individual elements and projects can be found in the Executive Summary. The full report is currently being finalised and will be available in the second half of 2017.

Please click on the links above to view the Master Plans.

  • Bob Blackburn Reserve
    Bob Blackburn Reserve

    The Bob Blackburn Reserve site is approximately 18 hectares in size situated within the suburb of Seville Grove, comprising 5 lots, all zoned ‘Parks and Recreation’.

  • Creyk Park
    Creyk Park

    At 5.8 hectares, Creyk Park is a substantial site with a large element of native flora and fauna on its eastern boundary. 

  • Cross Park
    Cross Park

    Cross Park is an 8.2 hectare regional park situated in Roleystone.

  • Forrestdale Hub
    Forrestdale Hub

    This Master Plan was prompted by a report to Council in April 2013.

  • Frye Park
    Frye Park

    Frye Park underwent a major upgrade in 2013 and therefore the Master Plan process was considered more akin to a post-occupancy review.

  • Gwynne Park
    Gwynne Park

    Gwynne Park is the largest recreation reserve in the City of Armadale, at 16.26 hectares.

  • John Dunn Reserve
    John Dunn Reserve

    The John Dunn Reserve is an 11 hectare regional park in Kelmscott.

  • Karragullen Oval
    Karragullen Oval

    The area included in the Master Plan in Karragullen includes 2 lots.

  • Morgan Park
    Morgan Park

    Morgan Park is a significant portion of the total Public Open Space in Seville Grove, at 6.67 hectares.

  • Rushton Park
    Rushton Park

    Rushton Park is an 8.04 hectare Regional Park situated in Kelmscott.

  • Springdale Park
    Springdale Park

    This plan provides a staged approach to the delivery of infrastructure over the short, medium and long term.