Community infrastructure projects


The following Master Plans will guide the future development of community hubs across the City, ensuring that facilities remain relevant and adaptable over time.

The Master Plans were developed in consultation with sporting clubs, community groups and local community members, and are supported by sound financial management and maintenance practices included in the Council’s Long Term Financial Plan.

The Master Planning Initiative was based on the following objectives:

  • Identify current and future demand, and the best use for the reserve and facilities at each of the hubs
  • Develop concept plans for each of the hubs with a sound rationale behind the various design elements
  • Provide direction in the sustainable allocation of resources for the ongoing maintenance and development of reserves and co-located facilities
  • Gather a sound evidence base for the future development of the hubs to assist in sourcing external funds.

An overview and link to each of the Master Plans is provided below.

Current Projects

Improved Outdoor Youth Facility – Gwynne Park

The City is considering an upgrade to the current skate park at Gwynne Park.

A Master Plan for Gwynne Park was endorsed by Council in May 2016 which identified an opportunity for an improved skateable landscape on the corner of Forrest Road and Townley Street. The City has included provision in this year’s budget for an improved outdoor youth facility in this location. The project includes:

  • Skate park
  • BBQ, toilet, shelters and seating
  • Small turf area and drinking fountain
  • General landscaping and fencing
  • Security lighting
  • Connecting paths and additional trees

A draft concept plan has been prepared and local residents are now being informed of the pending works prior to detailed design and implementation. 

The actual skate elements will be designed with the involvement of local young people at a workshop scheduled for 3.30pm 17 December at Gwynne Park.  If you have young people in your household we encourage them to come along and have their say.   

Regular feedback from the community highlights the lack of age appropriate infrastructure for young people – and this project will assist in filling this need.

Any queries about this project can be directed to Carina Whittington, Community Facilities Planning Coordinator on 9394 5201.


How much noise will the facility create?

Noise from youth facilities is generally minimal – about the same decibels as a bat hitting a ball – and comparable with playgrounds.  Skatepark noise falls well below ordinary recreational standards and is completely appropriate for residential areas. Care will be taken to ensure appropriate buffers from houses.  Any noise will be from the enjoyment of users.

Will the park be used at night?

It is not planned for the skatepark to be lit for night-time use, however it is proposed to include security lighting.

When will it happen?

We're aiming to commence works in May 2020. 

What about antisocial behaviour?

Providing safe, inclusive and suitable spaces for skateboarding has been shown through research to make surrounding areas safer and reduce criminal behaviour. The visibility of skate parks and other youth spaces sends a signal to our young people that they are a welcome part of our local identity.

Forrestdale Community Hub

William Skeet Draft Concept Options

The City is investing around $7 million to redevelop the facilities on and around the William Skeet Reserve. The redevelopment is scheduled to commence in 2021.

The redevelopment includes:  

  • Forrestdale Hall
  • Community use spaces
  • Forrestdale Sporting Pavilion
  • Ian Pratt Change rooms
  • Upgrading the playing surface including new sports field lighting
  • Youth Space
  • Hard Courts

Following consultation with user groups, three concept options have been developed relating to the location of facilities on the site, in all three options the hall will be available for community hire, as it is now.  

Council is now seeking feedback from user groups and local residents to assist in deciding a final configuration for buildings on the site.  Once the site configuration has been confirmed further work will be undertaken regarding parking, access, and detailed design of the buildings and the other redevelopment elements. 

Option 1 – Single Building

This concept includes the location of a single building combining all current functionality of existing facilities on the eastern side of William Skeet Reserve, along with the courts and playgrounds. The youth space is located on the western aspect of the reserve.

Option 2 - Multiple buildings – Stand-alone Hall

This concept maintains the current functionality of the eastern aspect of the reserve – ie the existing hall function, child friendly service space (Community Kindergarten) and community service space (Directions Disability Support Services).  The functionality of the Ian Pratt changerooms and sporting pavilion (Forrestdale Sporting Association) is combined in a separate facility to the west of the reserve. 

Option 3 - Multiple buildings - Sports plus Hall

This concept includes the functional spaces of the current sporting pavilion (Forrestdale Sporting Association), Ian Pratt Change rooms and the community hall into one facility located on the western aspect of William Skeet Reserve.

Have your say

You can provide us with your preference and any general comments via an electronic survey.  The survey can be accessed by following this link.

The closing date for comment on this project is 4.00pm Friday 24 January.

Find out more

Contact Carina Whittington Community Facilities Planning Coordinator on or 9394 5201.



Three concept options


Why are we doing the redevelopment?

The Master Plan for Forrestdale Hub was completed in 2014 and identified a range of opportunities and issues.  A series of community workshops identified key themes around revitalising the hub, connectivity, youth and family focus, making the hall a multi-use facility and access and parking.

The master plan identified several key projects – including those subject to the proposed draft concept options.

What has happened since the masterplan was completed?

Significant upgrades have already been completed including the renewal of sports fields at Alfred Skeet, and new female change rooms at Alfred Skeet, as well as changes to accommodate the Armadale Road widening. 

When will the William Skeet redevelopment happen?

The upgrade to sporting facilities and the William Skeet oval upgrade are included in the 2021-22 budget.  Timing of the remaining works will be confirmed during the 2020 budget process.

How much will it cost and how is it being funded?

The total project budget is $7.2 million comprised of developer contributions from the North Forrestdale DCP, grants, public open space allocations and City funds. External grants will be applied for during 2020-21.

Bob Blackburn Reserve

As part of the City's 2019/20 budget, upcoming upgrade works will be commencing at Bob Blackburn Park that will include but are not limited to:

  • Shade sails over extent of playground
  • New small nature play elements installed  under the shade sails to compliment the existing equipment
  • New pathways
  • New all accessibility exercise equipment in rubber softfall area
  • New drink fountain with dog bowl  & shading  trees to playground perimeter
  • Full boundary fencing with 1.2m high chain mesh fencing and gates

Bob Blackburn Park will be open for use whilst works are being undertaken, with only short ad-hoc periods of closure in and around around the playground area when the works are being undertaken during the week.

Creyk Park

At 5.8 hectares, Creyk Park is a substantial site with a large element of native flora and fauna on its eastern boundary.  It was a decommissioned sandpit that was renovated into a community and sporting facility to provide recreation and sporting opportunities for the local community.  The pavilion is heavily used by a variety of community groups all year round; however, there are no summer users of the oval at present.  Components of the site include:

  • Football oval
  • Playground, seating
  • Sporting pavilion
  • Creyk Park Flora Reserve
  • Car park.

Cross Park

Cross Park is an 8.2 hectare regional park situated in Roleystone.  It is a compact, highly developed, multi-purpose park that is one of very few open spaces in the Roleystone community that offers recreational pursuits and sporting activities in one location.  Components of the site include:

  • Cricket/AFL oval
  • Tennis and netball courts
  • Community hall
  • Sporting pavilions leased by tennis, cricket, AFL, Girl Guides and Roleystone Karragullen Seniors Club
  • Space for proposed Community Garden (in progress)
  • Skate Park
  • Roleystone Neighbourhood Centre Family (adjacent lot) 
  • Car park.

Forrestdale Hub

This Master Plan was prompted by a report to Council in April 2013 outlining a number of community issues in Forrestdale affecting the wellbeing of its residents.  The revitalisation of the community hub at Forrestdale was a key outcome for linking the planning work to the identified issues in the community.  The total size of the site is approximately 9.9 hectares and contains the following components:

  • Alfred Skeet soccer fields (2)
  • William Skeet oval
  • Alfred Skeet pavilion
  • Forrestdale Sporting Association building
  • Ian Pratt pavilion
  • Playground
  • Cricket nets
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Forrestdale Hall and community space including Forrestdale Community Kindergarten
  • Car park.

Frye Park

Frye Park underwent a major upgrade in 2013 and therefore the Master Plan process was considered more akin to a post-occupancy review.  The site is made up of two lots, both zoned for Parks and Recreation.  The total size measures just over 5 hectares and contains the following components:

  • Frye Park pavilion
  • Senior and junior soccer fields (winter) and cricket oval (summer)
  • Basketball half court
  • Cricket nets (4)
  • Playground
  • Carpark.

Gwynne Park

Gwynne Park is the largest recreation reserve in the City of Armadale, at 16.26 hectares.  It hosts many community based service and activity providers operating from a number of facilities.  Components at Gwynne Park are:

  • Armadale Arena
  • Badminton Centre
  • Lotteries House
  • John Green Centre
  • Armadale Sporting Club pavilion
  • Armadale Bowling Club and greens
  • Armadale Tennis Club and courts
  • Armadale Girl Guides Hall
  • Armadale Scout Hall
  • Skate Park
  • Outdoor basketball hard courts
  • Playground
  • Playing fields – football, cricket and hockey
  • Cricket nets
  • Fire and Emergency Services training track and facilities.

The significant population growth expected in the Wungong development area is a substantial factor in driving the need for the project.

John Dunn Reserve

The John Dunn Reserve is an 11 hectare regional park in Kelmscott. The site contains the following components:

  • John Dunn Hall
  • John Dunn Pavilion
  • Playground
  • Multiple playing surfaces for football, rugby and diamond sports
  • Baseball nets
  • Carpark

Remedial works to the playing surfaces have been completed and additional works have been budgeted for in the next five years to improve access roads, traffic calming and carparks and install a dog park.  There was previously a BMX track on this site which was decommissioned due to lack of use and vandalism.

John Dunn Memorial Park BMX/cycle facility feasibility

The Master Plan for John Dunn Reserve identified an opportunity to revive the former BMX facility in the south east corner of the park.

The City engaged Common Ground Trails to undertake a feasibility study to better understand the needs of the BMX/cycle community and their preference for facility type and features.

The feasibility and concept plan were presented to Council in February 2019, and the project will be considered in the annual review of the Long Term Financial Plan.

Karragullen Oval

The area included in the Master Plan in Karragullen includes 2 lots; a 4.9 hectare lot (the oval) and 0.4 hectare lot where the community hall and Lance Morgan Pavilion are currently located.  The Lance Morgan Pavilion was built over what were previously public tennis courts.  The pavilion (shed) was built by the Hills Orchard Improvement Group (HOIG) and is now hired by the Roleystone Gymnastics Club through an exclusive use agreement with HOIG.  Karragullen Hall has traditionally been used only by the Scouts; however there is no current agreement in place.  The entire site is used for the HOIG Expo held annually over two days.  Water constraints in this area impact on the oval’s status as an active reserve; it is likely this will continue into the future.

The components of this site are:

  • Oval
  • Karragullen Hall
  • Lance Morgan Pavilion
  • Public toilets
  • Playground
  • Car park.

Morgan Park

Morgan Park is a significant portion of the total Public Open Space in Seville Grove, at 6.67 hectares.  It holds a high volume of football and athletics.  The two activities provide a good balance of winter and summer use with little opportunity for any increase in structured sport activities.  The current pavilion is in need of some upgrades and its current location and secluded car park attracts anti-social behavior.

With the two major users operating effectively within the current layout, the Master Plan proposes minor upgrades in the short-medium (5-10 year) timeframe, yet a long term concept is proposed to relocate the pavilion which would be commensurate with the end of the current building’s asset life cycle.

The elements in this site are:

  • Rectangular fields (used for football and athletics)
  • Long jump pit, discus and shot put circles
  • Pavilion
  • Playground
  • Car park.

Rushton Park

Rushton Park is an 8.04 hectare Regional Park situated in Kelmscott.  The reserve features strongly in the history of the area; it was the site of one of the earliest swimming pools in the metropolitan area and remains the home of the Kelmscott Agricultural Show.  The reserve provides a variety of facilities including:

  • Oval and rectangular playing fields – competition and training for cricket and Little Athletics (summer) and soccer (winter)
  • Anzac Memorial
  • Kelmscott Hall
  • Kelmscott Tennis and Agricultural Society Clubhouse
  • Tennis courts
  • Cricket wicket and practice nets
  • Carpark
  • Avian Society building
  • Show pavilions
  • Amenities
  • Playgrounds, picnic and BBQ facilities.

Springdale Park

This plan provides a staged approach to the delivery of infrastructure over the short, medium and long term.  Springdale is a 10.36 hectare State owned park in Karragullen, home to T-ball, baseball and junior AFL.  Despite limited residential growth predicted to occur within the local catchment area of Springdale Park, its ability to serve as a district level of community infrastructure has been recognised, given the lack of large scale landholdings capable of serving this function being available elsewhere within the City.

Elements of Springdale Park are:

  • Sporting field for football and diamond sports
  • Springdale Pavilion consisting of a hall, kitchen and toilets
  • Coaches boxes
  • Sports lighting.

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