The City has worked closely with community stakeholders to achieve the community's aspiration which are outlined in the City’s Strategic Community Plan, and the Community Development Strategy 2017-2021.

The goal of 'Community' involves providing a range and quality of services which foster community pride, safety, and healthy lifestyles which make the City of Armadale a preferred place to live.

These outcomes the City aims to achieve are:

  • A strong sense of community spirit
  • An active community life that is safe and healthy
  • Our community has the services and facilities it needs
  • Our community is engaged and understood.

The Community Development Strategy details the projects and programs which will be delivered by the City to help to achieve the goals in the Strategic Community Plan.

This may be achieved by:

  • Engagement – involving people in decision making
  • Advocacy – representing the issues and interests of the community to various stakeholders
  • Capacity building - building the skills, knowledge and resources of the community to achieve their goals
  • Access and inclusion – ensuring people can participate equitably in civic and community life.

Page Last Reviewed 6 July 2021