Discover modern cloth nappies and tips on how to make using them easy!
Gone are the days of pins, soaking or bleaching! Modern cloth nappies are shaped, fitted, washable and reusable, protecting your babies whilst reducing plastics in landfill. Discover modern cloth nappies and tips on how to make using them easy! Join the City of Armadale for a cloth nappy workshop to learn about using and maintaining cloth nappies. We will demonstrate different cloth nappies available and explain the benefits of each.

Have you thought about making the switch to reusable cloth nappies but are unsure where to start?

Come along to a reusable cloth nappy workshop for an introduction to cloth nappies. These workshops are designed to suit expectant parents, those who already have children in nappies and carers.

Event Information

The City of Armadale along with a professional in the field will be running a number of cloth nappy workshops to teach you all you need to know to start your cloth nappy journey.

In these 2.5 hour workshops, you will encounter topics such as:

  • The benefits of cloth nappies (environmental, economical, etc.)
  • The different styles of cloth nappies (fitted, pockets, A12s, prefolds, etc.)
  • Where you can buy cloth nappies and what to look for
  • Washing tips
  • Cloth nappy myths

Our cloth nappy professional may be able to assist you with any questions you may have about cloth nappies. After the workshop you receive a cloth nappy valued at $30 to start you on your cloth nappy journey. 

Event Cost and Workshop Dates

The cost to attend a workshop is $10.00 per ticket which includes admittance for you and your partner or support person (such as mother, father or friend), and a morning break. Attendees receive one free cloth nappy valued at $30 on the day of the event.

Please advise if you are bringing a your partner or support person when booking to ensure adequate seating is available by emailing Emma on

Be quick to secure you place as these workshops are limited to 30 tickets. 





Saturday 2nd July 2022

10:00 - 12:30

Champion Centre

Book Here

Saturday 1st October 2022

10:00 - 12:30

Roleystone Family Centre

Book Here

Saturday 7th January 2023

10:00 - 12:30

Kelmscott Hall

Book Here

Saturday 1st April 2023

10:00 - 12:30

Novelli Pavilion

Book Here

If you’re interested in a workshop and are having issues booking, contact us on (08) 9394 5000 or email us on

Do you have a group of 30 and would like to book a workshop? Feel free to contact us on (08) 9394 5000 or email us on

Cloth Nappy Rebate

Residents who have attended a cloth nappy workshop, run by the City of Armadale, may be eligible to apply to Waste Services for a 50% rebate, up to $100.00, back if they hire or purchase cloth nappies. 

An application to apply for the cloth nappy rebate will be provided to workshop attendees at the end to the workshop. 

Rebates are subject to the terms and conditions of the application and are not available to residents who have not attended a cloth nappy workshop.


Rebate Examples

Your Spend

Rebate Available

Rebate Total


50% of spend refunded



50% of spend refunded



50% of spend refunded



Rebate offered up to the value of $100.00


Any amount above $200.00

Rebate offered up to the value of $100.00


Adult Cloth Nappy Workshops

To apply for the rebate for adult sized cloth nappies, you can either:

  • Attend a Cloth Nappy Workshop (see information above)
  • Express your interest in attending an adult cloth nappy workshop 
  • Contact the City if special circumstances prevent you from attending a workshop

To contact us about the rebate for adult cloth nappies call (08) 9394 5000 or email us on


What is a cloth nappy?

Modern cloth nappies are shaped, fitted, washable, reusable nappies. Typically made from fabrics such as cotton, microfibre, hemp or bamboo they are the same shape as a disposable nappy and most fasten using press studs or Velcro. They are easy to put on and don’t require pins, soaking or bleaching.

For further information about modern cloth nappies please download a copy of the Switch Your Thinking’s guide to Modern Cloth Nappies below.

To request a copy of this booklet please contact the City of Armadale on,  08 9394 5000 or visit our Administration Centre, 7 Orchard Avenue, Armadale.

Am I eligible for this rebate?

To be eligible for this one off rebate, you must:

  • Be a City of Armadale resident
  • Have attended an eligible Cloth Nappy Workshop facilitated by the City of Armadale
  • Have purchased or hired cloth nappies within 6 months of attending an eligible Cloth Nappy Workshop
  • Have applied for the Cloth Nappy Rebate within 6 months of attending an eligible Cloth Nappy Workshop
  • Have not previously successfully applied for the Cloth Nappy Rebate

What items are eligible for the rebate?

  • Modern cloth nappies, such as fitted nappies, all-in-one nappies, all-in-two nappies, pocket nappies, night nappies, swim nappies, terry towelling/prefold nappies
  • Inserts, boosters, liners and fasteners with the purchase of nappies
  • Toddler training pants
  • Incontinence wear

Eligible items must be purchased or hired within six months of attending a City of Armadale cloth nappy workshop. 

Accessories such as wet bags, nappy pods, strainers/buckets/pails, laundry products, change mats, wipes, nappy rash cream, nappy change harness, swaddles and breast/nursing pads and are not eligible for the rebate.

If ineligible items are on the receipt along with eligible items, the rebate will only be applied to the eligible items rather than the total amount.

I already use cloth nappies and know all about them. I want to purchase more cloth nappies utilising the rebate. Do I have to attend the workshop?

Wonderful! Thank you for choosing to reuse!

The Cloth Nappy Rebate has been designed to support:

  • People making decisions about nappy use in the future or
  • People who are currently using disposable nappies
  • In an effort to further reduce disposable nappies going to landfill in the City of Armadale.

If you want to apply for the rebate, you must attend a workshop. This ensures you have the information and support needed to successfully transition to using cloth nappies.

If you’re already using cloth nappies and know lots about them but want to apply for the rebate, you are more than welcome to apply, but you need to attend the workshop. You never know, you may learn something new!

Can I claim the cloth nappy rebate more than once?

No, the rebate is a one off payment. One rebate is available per family unit. 

This project is supported by the Government of Western Australia and administered by the Waste Authority.

Page Last Reviewed 4 November 2022