» SLP Cat Act 2011


  • The Cat Act 2011 requires all cats that have reached six months of age must be microchipped, sterilised, and registered with the City.

  • The Cat Act 2011 requires the identification, registration, and sterilisation of domestic cats, and gives local governments the power to administer and enforce the legislation. The legislation provides for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the environment, as well as encouraging responsible cat ownership. Cats are required to wear a collar and registration tag to ensure that cats can be easily identified and returned to their owner.

  • Cat owners are advised to register their cats or face a fine of up to $200. Under the Cat Act 2011 it is an offence not to register cats over the age of six (6) months.

  • Applications for registrations are downloadable or can be collected in person from the Administration Building, 7 Orchard Avenue, Armadale.

  • Relevant registration forms:

Registration Fees

Fee per year Fee for three years Fee for a lifetime
$20 $42.50 $100

(Proof of sterilisation and microchipping must be provided unless exemption has been granted by a veterinarian).

Individuals on a full pension are entitled to 50% off the above mentioned prices, upon producing an appropriate pension card.


  • The City’s Rangers are not actively involved in trapping of stray or unowned cats, however Rangers can hire out cat traps from the Animal Management Facility to residents for a cash deposit of $100, which is fully refundable when the cat trap is returned during opening hours (3.30 to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, and 9 to 10am Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays).

  • Rangers will collect the cat(s) from the resident’s property, between 8.15am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and transport them to the Animal Management Facility. Traps are not to be set on weekends or public holidays due to delays in the Rangers being able to collect the cat.

  • All impounded cats are thoroughly checked for a registration tag and scanned for microchipping details. Where an owner can be readily identified, Ranger Services will attempt to contact the owner to advise how and where to collect the cat. Registered and or microchipped cats will be kept for a period of seven (7) days at the City of Armadale’s Animal Management Facility. Cats that are not registered and microchipped will be kept for a period of three (3) days.

  • When setting a trap, Rangers request the guidelines below are followed to ensure the welfare of the cat:

    • Several days prior, start feeding the cat where you intend to set the trap. It will be far more likely to enter the trap if it has been fed there previously.

    • Set the trap according to the instructions you were given when you hired it. Make sure it is stable and will not tip over, that it is set under shelter, out of rain and sun, and out of public view. Please also avoid setting traps in extreme weather conditions.

    • It is an extremely traumatic experience for a cat to be trapped and it is essential it is covered for the entire time it is in the trap. When setting the trap, place an old sheet or towel over the back half. As soon as you know that the cat has entered the trap, cover the trap completely.

    • You will need to check the trap every couple of hours during the day and in the morning if it was set overnight. Don’t leave a cat in a trap for too long. As soon as you are aware a cat is in it, you must contact the City’s Rangers.

  • Sick or injured cats are taken to a local Vet for assessment, or cats deemed feral may be euthanised as per the Cat Act 2011.

Breeding Cats

  • Environment, Animal and Nuisance Local Laws 2002.

  • The legislation requires that a person who chooses to breed cats must apply to their local government for a permit. When a cat is sold, the seller must ensure the cat is microchipped and sterilised prior to transfer. If the cat cannot be sterilised due to its young age, a voucher must be issued to the new owner. Only approved breeders will be exempt from sterilisation laws.

» Application for approved cat breeder

Limits on Cat Numbers

  • The Cat Act 2011 does not limit the number of cats that can be owned. This falls to local governments who may choose to introduce a local law.

  • The City of Armadale does not currently have any Cat Local Laws restricting the number of cats that can reside at a property.