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Burning garden refuse

There are many methods of hazard reduction available to residents. Burning garden refuse is one option available at certain times of the year.

Garden refuse may be burnt without a permit after 6pm, subject to:

  • A 5m wide area clear of flammable material surrounding the pile
  • The fire only being lit between 6 and 11pm and is completely extinguished by midnight
  • Only one heap being burnt at any one time
  • The fire being completely extinguished by midnight
  • At least one capable person stays with the fire until it is completely extinguished
  • There being a means of extinguishing the fire available at all times (eg garden hose, knapsack spray or fire unit)
  • Neighbours are informed of your intention to burn
  • The smoke does not cause a nuisance to neighbours
  • The smoke does not create a traffic hazard
  • Household or commercial waste, or any noxious materials are not burned.

Mitigation burns

Garden refuse cannot be burnt:

  • At any time during the prohibited burning period
  • If a total fire ban or harvest and vehicle movement ban has been declared
  • If the fire danger rating is very high or above.

Please note: do not burn damp, wet, or green material at any time as this will cause excessive smoke.

More information and contact

For assistance regarding mitigation burns and property assessments, please call the City on 08 9394 5000 and ask to speak to a Fire Prevention Officer.

The City's Fire Prevention Officer in conjunction with a volunteer fire brigade may be able to assist you with undertaking the burns.

For more information please visit the Firebreaks and burning permits page.

Page Last Reviewed 5 June 2020