Building Services

Building Services

The City of Armadale's Building Services controls the construction, occupation and demolition of buildings and incidental structures through the issuing of permits and certificates and the enforcement of compliance within the City. Registered Building Surveyor's certifiy the building's design compliance and work with designers and builders.This provides certainty of approval and reduction in approval times.

  • Building Applications
    Building Applications

    Building information sheets, Application forms, Notice forms and Schedule of Fees and Charges.

  • Certification Services
    Certification Services

    The City of Armadale provides private certification services for building works both within and outside our jurisdiction.

  • Building Legislation
    Building Legislation

    Building applications are assessed according to the Building Act 2011 and the Building Regulations 2012, the Building Codes of Australia and other relevant legislation.

  • Building Compliance
    Building Compliance

    The City's Buildling Compliance officers may investigate complaints or issues relating to building matters and unauthorised building work.

  • Private Swimming Pools, Spas and Safety Barriers
    Private Swimming Pools, Spas and Safety Barriers

    Research information regarding requirements for private swimming pools, spas and safety barriers.

  • Residential Design Codes
    Residential Design Codes

    The Residential Design Codes form the foundation for controlling residential development consistently across Western Australia. 

  • Fencing

    Research information regarding front fences, dividing fences and retaining walls.

  • Requesting Building Records or Plans
    Requesting Building Records or Plans

    Apply for copies of building plans or records in relation to your property.