Building Services

The City of Armadale's Building Services controls the construction, occupation and demolition of buildings and incidental structures through the issuing of permits and the enforcement of compliance within the City.

The primary building standard for new building work is the Building Code of Australia. Regulations may prescribe extra standards for new work and different standards for work on existing buildings. For more information please refer to the Building Act 2011 Overview and the Building Regulations 2012.

There are four streams of application types provided by the City. For further clarification on these streams please click here.

Application forms are available from the Building Commission.

Building Class

The BCA classifies buildings by their use. A building may be made up of a number of classes if it has a mixed use. For further clarification on these classes please click here.

Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas 

As defined in AS3959 - 2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas; a bushfire is an unplanned fire burning in vegetation (also referred to as wildfire). A bushfire-prone area is an area subject to, or likely to be subject to, bushfire attack. Bushfire attack is attack by burning embers, radiant heat or flame generated by a bushfire, which might result in ignition and subsequent damage or destruction of a building.

Click here to view the Bushfire Information Sheet.

BA2 Uncertified Application - Stream One


Ancillary Dwellings

Earthworks for Owner-Builders

Retaining Walls




Swimming Pools, Spas and Associated Fencing

Building Commission's rules for Pools and Spas.

Swimming Pool Skimmer Boxes

Pergolas and Shade Sails

Front fences

Park Homes, Annexes and other structures

Water Storage Tanks


BA1 Certified Application - Stream Two


Building Approval Certificates

Commercial Applications - New Buildings

Certification Services - Stream Three 

Request for Service - Application Forms

Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC – Class 1a and 10 buildings)

Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC – Class 2 to 9 buildings)

Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC)

Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC)

Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC - Strata)

Request for written advice/consultation

Outside Jurisdiction Certification Services - Stream Four

Application Forms

Request for written advice/consultation


Residential Design Codes Variation (RDCV)

Application forms

Neighbour consultation forms


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