Building Compliance

Building Compliance

Building Compliance

The City of Armadale (the City), as a permit authority, must ensure buildings are constructed and occupied in accordance with the relevant permit and may prosecute for failure to obtain a permit where required. The City's Building Compliance Officers may enter a property to inspect building work or reported compliance issues and in cases of non-compliance, a Building Notice or Building Order may be issued. Where possible, the City will liaise with a property owner to achieve a solution and assist with obtaining compliance.

Compliance issues relating to the Building Act 2011 include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Non-compliance with an approved Building Permit
  • Building work affecting a neighbouring property
  • Unauthorised building work
  • Dangerous, dilapidated or neglected buildings and structures
  • Uncontained builder's rubbish

If you wish to report a possible building compliance issue, complete a Building Compliance Request Form and email to

Unauthorised Building Work

When seeking retrospective approval for building work, a registered Building Surveyor must be engaged to issue a Certificate of Building Compliance (BA18). The City may issue a Certificate of Building Compliance upon application and payment of the applicable fee. Contact the City's Building Services on 9394 5000 for assistance.

Once a Certificate of Building Compliance has been issued; either apply for a Building Approval Certificate for residential buildings (Class 1 and Class 10 structures) or an Occupancy Permit  for commercial buildings (Class 2 - Class 9 buildings). Refer to our detailed Information Sheets regarding the application process for retrospective approval of unauthorised work. 

Information Sheet - Residential or Commercial Unauthorised Work

Residential Application Forms;

Request for Certificate of Building Compliance - unauthorised residential/minor building work

BA13 - Application for building approval certificate

Commercial Application Forms;

Request for Certificate of Building Compliance - unauthorised commercial building work

Certificate of Construction or Building Compliance Checklist

BA9 - Application for occupancy permit