Building Applications

Building Applications

Information Sheets

A Building or Demolition Permit is required prior to construction of all commercial or industrial buildings. An Occupancy Permit may also be required before a commercial or industrial building can be occupied. A Building or Demolition Permit may be required for residential and minor structures, depending on what type of structure you are proposing to build or demolish. Planning Approval may also be required before applying for a Building Permit, contact the City's Planning Services on 9394 5000 for further information.

The City of Armadale's Building Services information sheets outline what you can build, the appropriate application process and also include an application checklist. When you wish to lodge your application, you must submit the relevant completed application form, pay the prescribed fees and supply any required supporting documentation as outlined on the information sheet checklist for the appropriate structure. It is important to allow sufficient time for the application assessment and work cannot commence until a Building Permit has been granted. Refer to the City's Building Services information sheets for the appropriate time frames.

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Information Sheet - Schedule of Fees and Charges

Information Sheet - Demolition

Demolition Application Annexure - Asbestos Removal

Information Sheet - Earthworks

Information Sheet - Dwelling

Information Sheet - Ancillary Dwelling

Information Sheet - Retaining Wall

Information Sheet - Patio

Information Sheet - Shed or Garage

Information Sheet - Carport

Information Sheet - Pergola or Shade Sail

Information Sheet - Deck

Information Sheet - Water Tank

Information Sheet - Commercial Building

Information Sheet - Occupancy Permit

Application Forms

Anyone can apply for a Building Permit, including an owner, builder, architect, designer or a building surveyor. The nominated applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application form and supporting documentation is complete for submission to the City's Building Services department. The nominated builder is responsible for carrying out the proposed works in accordance with the granted Building Permit. Structures with a construction value over $20,000 require a registered builder, however, incidental Class 10 structures are exempt. If you wish to confirm whether you require a registered builder to complete your proposed works, contact the City's Building Services on 9394 5000 or email your enquiry to

BA1 - Application for building permit - certified

BA2 - Application for building permit - uncertified

BA5 - Application for demolition permit

BA9 - Application for occupancy Permit

BA11 - Application for occupancy permit strata

BA15 - Application for building approval certificate strata

BA19 - Request to amend building permit - new builder

BA19 - Building Act Guidance Note - building permit amending builder's details

BA22 - Application to extend time - building or demolition permit


Notice of Completion

The builder or demolition contractor, nominated on a Building or Demolition Permit, must complete a BA7 - Notice of Completion form within seven days of completing the work for which the permit was granted. The Notice of Completion must be accompanied by any relevant inspection or test certificates as listed on the Building or Demolition Permit and submitted to the City within the seven day period. This establishes the end date of the permit for compliance and record keeping purposes. The person nominated as the builder or demolition contractor remains liable for the building or demolition work complying with the Building Act 2011 until a Notice of Completion, or Notice of Cessation, has been received by the City.

BA7 - Notice of Completion

Notice of Cessation

The builder or demolition contractor nominated on a Building or Demolition Permit may, before the completion of the works for which the permit was granted, formally advise the City that they are no longer the Responsible Person for the works by submitting a BA8 - Notice of Cessation form to the City. This protects the person whose contract is terminated or who is unable to complete the building or demolition work. Within seven days of submitting a Notice of Cessation to the City, the builder or demolition contractor must provide a copy of the Notice of Cessation to the property owner. This alerts  the property owner of the cessation of work and the suspension of the Building or Demolition Permit.

BA8 - Notice of Cessation


To become an owner-builder, you need to apply to the Building Commission for an Owner-builder Approval, which must be granted before applying to the City for a Building Permit. For further information, refer to the Building Commission's website links

Owner Builder Approval application form

Owner Builder responsibilities