Bins and Collection

Bins and Collection

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Recycling changes: there have been recent changes to recyclable items accepted in yellow-lidded recycling bins. See the Recycling - Acceptable Items brochure download on the right and scroll down for further information.

The City provides a weekly rubbish collection and fortnightly recycling collection. The 240 litre mobile garbage bin is the standard bin size.

The dark green bin with the same colour lid that is currently used for rubbish collection is being phased out. New bin deliveries will have a charcoal body made out of more recycled plastic and a red lid.

The green bin with a yellow lid used for recycling collection will now be delivered with a charcoal body and continue to have a yellow lid.

The City has made this decision for new bins to use more recycled plastic and align with the Australian Standard for bin lid colours.

Bin Collection Start From 6am

Present your bin(s) to the kerb by 6am to ensure they are emptied.

Collection Days

Collections are from Monday to Friday. To find out which day to put your bin out refer to the waste collection map or you can enter your address in Online Mapping to check your property details.

Your recycling area is listed on your rates notice as either Area 1 or Area 2. Otherwise you can find your recycling area on the Recycling Collection Map or through Online Mapping. The collection week for your recycling area is highlighted on the Recycling Calendar.

The City is currently reviewing collection days for the entire City. The changes will be notified to all residents and businesses, with an anticipated commencement around mid-2019.

Christmas and New Year Collections

Christmas 2019 and New Year's Day 2020 fall on a Wednesday, affecting Wednesday to Friday collections. Bins will be emptied the following day.

Easter Collections

Waste and recycling bins will not be emptied on Good Friday 19 April 2019, they will be emptied the following day, Saturday 20 April 2019.

How to present bins for collection

Bins must be presented facing the kerb (wheels facing your house) by 6am on your collection day with the lid closed. For recycling week or for properties with multiple bins, the bins should be spaced around 50 centimetres apart. Group rubbish bins together and recycling bins together to assist waste collection vehicles to empty bins efficiently. Ensure that bins are not obstructed in any way on collection day. Obstructed bins will not be emptied.

Bins must be put away by the end of your collection day.


Your rubbish bin is for small, non-hazardous household waste, food waste or garden waste.

Waste that must not be placed in the bin includes:

  • x More than 70kg of rubbish
  • x Hot or burning ashes
  • x Oils or poisons
  • x Acid
  • x Batteries (car or household)
  • x Sand, bricks, mortar, concrete
  • x Large, heavy, sharp objects
  • x Asbestos
  • x Motor vehicle parts, tyres, oil filters
  • x Pathological or cytotoxic waste
  • x Medical waste
  • x Gas cylinders
  • x Fluorescent tubes or CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamps)
  • x Electronic equipment

Items that cannot be placed in the bin should be taken to the Armadale Landfill and Recycling Facility or appropriate waste disposal facility for the waste type.


The Perth Metropolitan area now has standardised recycling and you may notice some changes. Check out the downloads for more information on what should go in the recycling bin.

The following can be placed in your recycling bin:

  • Aluminium - cans and tins
  • Steel - cans and tins
  • Cardboard - boxes, egg cartons and inner tubes from toilet roll and paper towel, milk/juice cartons (not silver lined)
  • Paper - newspaper, paper bags, computer paper, envelopes, magazines, junk mail, paper wrapping paper
  • Plastic - bottles and containers, no polystyrene (take lids off and put in rubbish bin)
  • Glass - bottles and jars (remove lids, metal lids go in recycling bin)

All items should be empty, clean and dry. Remove lids and place in the bin loose. No plastic bags!

Place all items into the recycling bin loose – do not bag recycling.

The following must not go into your recycling bin:

  • x Aerosol cans
  • x Plastic bags
  • x Motor oil containers
  • x Cling wrap, bubble wrap or any soft plastics (if you can scrunch it take to Redcycle bins at most supermarkets)
  • x Clothing
  • x Crockery, pyrex, plates, mugs
  • x Polystyrene foam
  • x Scrap metal and appliances such as car parts and cooking implements
  • x Waxed cardboard
  • x Food soiled cardboard containers
  • x Foil gift-wrap
  • x Plastic coated paper
  • x Nappies

What should not go in either bin

  • Batteries, mobile phones and CFLs/light bulbs should be dropped off at libraries or Armadale Landfill and Recycling Facility.
  • Household chemicals should be taken to the Armadale Landfill and Recycling Facility's Household Hazardous Waste program. Limits of 20L/20kg apply.
  • Paint tins containing paint - take to Armadale Landfill and Recycling Facility's Paintback Collection
  • Electronic waste and electrical appliances should be taken to the Armadale Landfill and Recycling Facility.
  • Printer cartridges - recycle through Cartridges for Planet Ark

Damaged bins

Most bins are expected to last approximately 10 years. Bin components, such as lids, pins and wheels can be replaced on your normal collection day for your general rubbish bin. Replacement bins are issued if your bin is split from normal wear and tear. Report any damage by contacting Waste Services on 9394 5124. Replacement recycling bins are delivered on Tuesdays.

Damage to recycling bins can be reported directly to SUEZ on 9394 5888. Repairs to recycling bins will be scheduled for either Tuesday or Thursday and your recycling bin must be presented to the kerb.

Any repairs or replacements to damaged bins require the bin to be presented to the kerb on the day discussed with the City or its Contractors.

Missed Bin Collections

Missed rubbish bins should be reported to the City as soon as possible by phoning 9394 5124 during business hours. If your recycling bin was missed, contact SUEZ directly on 9394 5888 for the quickest response.

The following are possible reasons why bin(s) may not have been emptied:

Was the bin put out on time and correctly?

Bins must be placed out by 6am and positioned within one metre from the kerb, with the wheels facing your property. There should be 0.5 metre spacing between bins when multiple bins are presented.

Bins presented in laneways should be at least 0.5 metres from the fence or garage to avoid damage.

Does the bin belong to the City of Armadale?

Your bin may not be emptied if it is not issued by the City of Armadale. Contact the City to find out how to resume collection.

Does the bin contain unacceptable items or is it too heavy for the truck to lift?

If your rubbish or recycling bin contains items that are not accepted it may not be emptied. Check your bin for a sticker to see whether it is contaminated, overfilled or too heavy.

Was there something obstructing the bins?

Vehicles parked in laneways, bins too close to vehicles, trees, fences, lamp posts or other obstructions can result in bin(s) not being emptied. If you have a laneway collection and there is still construction of houses preventing bins being accessed, place bins to the road at the front of the house, space permitting or contact Waste Services on 9394 5124 to determine a temporary solution.

Bin only half emptied after collection?

Check the bin for items that may be stuck inside the bin. Any items that are stuck or wedged are your responsibility. Do not compact waste in your bin as it may get wedged and not fall out when the bin is emptied by the waste collection vehicle. Should your bin be half emptied, you are responsible to loosen the waste and present your bin for collection the following week. Trucks may not go back and empty bins for a second time on the same day.

Ordering Bins for a New House

If you have completed building a new house contact Waste Services on 9394 5124 to order a new rubbish service. Bins are delivered every Tuesday. To receive new bins on a Tuesday your request must be received by Waste Services not later than noon on the Monday.

Ensure your house number is displayed and in full view from the street. A large number on paper inside your front window facing the street is acceptable, or display the same on the garage door for a rear access property (ie. laneway).

Generally there is a shut down period over Christmas and New Year for the delivery of new bin services.

Additional Rubbish or Recycling Bins

Additional rubbish or recycling bins are available for an annual charge - an interim rates notice is issued and the additional bin is added to the rates notice for the next financial year. Additional bins must be kept for a minimum of one year. The bins will be emptied on your normal bin collection day. To order an additonal bin or enquire about charges, contact Waste Services on 9394 5124 or alternatively email - the request must be made by the property owner.