Bernice Hargrave Playground Upgrade

Bernice Hargrave Reserve Upgrade

Bernice Hargrave Reserve was approved for an upgrade as part of the City’s POS Strategy works. New bollard fencing to Westfield Road was completed in 2015 and the upgrade to the play space has commenced with an anticipated mid 2017 completion.

The upgrade includes enhancing the existing timber forts and concrete tunnels, and creating an informal scooter track for younger children. Natural balance logs and steppers will be scattered throughout the play space – these natural elements will tie into the existing character of the reserve. The existing trees will be maintained and the shade from these trees will continue to protect the new play space.

Parks users are encouraged to use the reserve where there are no works being undertaken, however we do ask that you avoid the work staff and stay clear of construction works at all times.

For project enquiries please contact Technical Services on 9394 5000.