Here is a list of the BBQ spots in the City of Armadale

All BBQs are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.
Each BBQ area has at least one picnic table/ or shelter.

The location of BBQ's are listed under the park classifcation - District Open Space, Neighbourhood Open Space  or Local Open Space. Please refer to the Parks Facilty Strategy for more information on Parks Classification. 


  • Rushton Park, Kelmscott (2)
  • Harrisdale Playing Feilds, Harisdale
  • Robot Park, Piara Warers (2)
  • Gwynne Park, Armadale
  • Cross Park, Roleystone


  • Benbecula Park, Bedfordale
  • Reg Williams, Armadale
  • Explorer Park, Haynes
  • Shipwreck Park, Hilbert
  • Fancote Park, Kelmscott
  • Bernice Hargrave, Kelmscott
  • William Lockard Park, Harrisdale
  • Jim and Alma Park, Harrisdale
  • Sheaf Park, Harrisdale
  • Sandstone Park, Harrisdale
  • Greenlink, Harrisdale (2)
  • Aspiri, , Piara Waters
  • Freesia, , Piara Waters
  • Willowdale, Piara Waters
  • Don Simmons, Brookdale
  • Massel Park, Brookdale
  • Cilantro, Seville Grove
  • Kuhl Park, Camillo
  • Borello Park, Roleystone
  • Karagullen Oval, Karragullen


  • Benalia Park
  • Dovedale
  • Broadway, Piara Waters
  • Rosette Park, Piara Waters
  • Guerin , Piara Waters
  • Letterkenny Park, Hilbert
  • John Saunders PArk, Champion Lakes
  • Boisdale , Seville Grove


Page Last Reviewed 12 April 2021