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Key Facts


This project will upgrade the 700m section of Balannup Road from Reilly Road to Ranford Road, Harrisdale.

The road is currently constructed to a rural standard and will be upgraded to an urban standard to cater for the growth of the new urban areas of Piara Waters and Harrisdale.

The project is included in the City’s approved 2018/19 Works Program and is funded through the City’s Development Contribution Plan No. 3 that includes an allocation of approximately $5.9 million towards the project.

Strategic Link

Strategic Community Plan 2016 - 2031

  • Strategy 2.3.1 - Apply best practice design and construction methodologies for the provision of infrastructure

  • Strategy 2.3.2 - Ensure maintenance activities address required levels of service

  • Strategy 2.3.4 - Develop long term transport network planning

Project Features

The upgrade of Balannup Road, Harrisdale will include the removal of the existing rural standard carriageway and construction of a new urban standard carriageway between Reilly Road and Ranford Road, including a median separated two way carriageway, new roundabout, cycle lanes, upgraded drainage, footpaths, street lighting, landscaping and relocation of existing fencing and crossovers.


Better connection to the urban growth areas of Harrisdale and Piara Waters.


  • Monday 11 March - Project survey to commence

  • Monday 18 March  - Dilapidation survey, tree Clearing, earthworks and site facility set up commencement

  • May - Building access tracks

  • July - Electrical undergrounding

  • October - Earthworks completed

  • November - Pavement works completed

  • December - Street lighting works completed, landscaping works to be completed following construction of the road, project completion

Please note that these dates are subject to change depending upon the progress of the individual project stages and weather permitting.

Should there be any changes to the above scheduled dates, the City will notify the affected residents accordingly.

Traffic Management

Location Estimated timeframe Impact
Balannup Road, Harrisdale

End of April to mid July

All times

  • Speed reductions
  • Vehicular access to properties may be limited at times whilst works are in progress
  • Residents will have full access to their properties during these times.
  • Parking of vehicles within the work sections of the street will be prohibited whilst these works are in progress.

Mid July to end of December

All times

  • Full road closures
  • Residents will have full access to their properties during these times via alternate access.
  • All other road users are advised to follow any detours that may be in place if required.
  • Traffic controllers will be available on-site to provide safe guidance through the worksite.
  • Parking of vehicles within the work sections of the street will be prohibited whilst these works are in progress

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a resident of a property abutting the planned works, how can I gain access to or exit my property during periods of limited access?

Should you need to enter or exit your property while the works are in progress, we ask that you speak to the traffic controllers on site who will be able to safely direct you through the work site.

Will Emergency Services have access to my property or the road during the planned works?

Yes, Emergency Services access will be provided at all times.

What can I do if the planned works damage the crossover or irrigation I installed on the verge of my property?

All formally constructed and surfaced crossovers together with any operational verge reticulation systems that may be affected by the works will be reinstated at no cost to the resident.

If your reticulation is likely to be affected by footpath works, we would ask that prior to the commencement date you contact the relevant officer on the below details to arrange a time for the City to inspect your operational reticulation systems.

What is a Developer Contribution Plan?

A Development Contribution Plan (DCP) provides for the equitable sharing of the costs of new or upgraded infrastructure required as a result of increased demand generated in a defined area.

A DCP enables the application of development contributions and supports the coordination and timely provision of infrastructure. The City’s Town Planning Scheme No.4 provides the statutory framework and authority for the City to determine and collect development contributions.

How can I provide feedback about the Balannup Road Upgrade?

If you wish to provide feedback about the Balannup Road Upgrade or the information provided on this page, please do so in writing attention to Civil Works:


Community notification
Detailed design
Installation of street lighting infrastructure

Key Dates

Expected date of commencement: 
April 2019
Expected date of completion: 
November 2019


If you have questions or comments regarding this project contact us for further information.

Officer Name Role Contact Number Email Address
Chris Chen Technical Officer Civil Works (08) 9394 5236
Balannup Road
Harrisdale, WA 6112