Award Winners

2019 Award winners

Christophe Canato

Award: Gerry Gauntlett Award ($5000)
Artwork: Name Fanrandole
Artist: Christophe Canato

Judge’s Comments:
“An utterly compelling, enigmatic image. The dynamic composition is simultaneously stop-motion and fluid, the players intimately connected yet disengaged. Christophe’s command of light, shade and texture enables this image to equally address concerns in the discipline of contemporary photography yet affords the work the impact and power that a more visceral object such as a classical painting possesses.”

Jenny Herbert

Award Highly Commended ($1000)
Artwork Name Havana Chic
Artist Jenny Herbert

Judge’s Comments
“This intriguing image immediately captures our attention. The composition involves a clever conversion of an image in a mirror into another portrait. The well-handled areas of paint are a joyous celebration of detail, such as the sandled feet, allowing the viewer to be transported to witness the scene as the artist did.”

Kathryn Haug

Award Local Artists ($1000)
Artwork Name Yellow Paint Brush
Artist Kathryn Haug

Judge’s Comments
“This simple still life involves a clever play of ideas on the subject of painting – the painting of a painting brush. Kathryn’s bravura use of colour and deployment of technique is applauded and the modest size of this painting belies its punch.”

Linda Banazis

Award Stockland Sculpture Prize ($5000)
Artwork Name Those were the times
Artist Linda Banazis

Judge’s Comments
“This sculptural arrangement is deceptively unassuming, yet it is a provocative work which breaks almost every rule and tradition in sculpture. It commands the space in which it stands, dispensing with a plinth yet reaching to the ceiling, swelling its own volume and co-opting the building for its own purposes. It does so, though, with the inventive use of the humblest of materials and unconventional construction techniques. The surrealist forms evoke journeys, and bodies, from umbilical beginnings to withered ends.”

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