Find out about the draft plan that is being proposed to guide urban development of the new urban precinct generally bounded by Armadale Road, Anstey Road and Keane Road, Forrestdale.

About DCP No. 4

Following the consideration of submissions received during the advertising period, at its meeting of 14 October 2019, Council resolved to amend Town Planning Scheme No. 4 via Amendment 102 to incorporate Anstey Keane Precinct (Forrestdale) Urban Development Area No.4 (DCP 4) into Schedule 9B of the scheme. The amendment is now being considered by the WAPC and Minister for Planning for final approval.

It is anticipated that the Draft Anstey Keane Precinct (Forrestdale) Urban Development Area No.4, will be gazetted sometime in late 2020 or early 2021 following final approval of Scheme Amendment No. 102 by the Western Australian Planning Commission and Minister for Planning.

DCP 4 provides a framework for the equitable sharing of costs for the provision of common infrastructure required to facilitate the urban development of the Anstey Keane Precinct. The area is bounded by Keane Road to the north-east, Armadale Road to the south, and Bush Forever Site No. 342 to the north-west. The following common infrastructure items are proposed for inclusion in DCP 4:

  1. Senior sized sports playing field (land acquisition and construction)
  2. Sporting and community buildings and structures associated with sports playing field
  3. Anstey Road widening and construction
  4. Keane Road widening and construction (contribution only)
  5. Shared Path Network
  6. Betterment of Baileys Branch Drain surrounds
  7. Waste Water Pump Station land acquisition
  8. High Pressure Gas Pipeline

Once adopted, the City of Armadale will be the administrator of DCP 4.

Refer to the Draft DCP 4 report below for more information.

Cost Contribution

DCP 4 will require landowners (where land is developed or subdivided) to make a proportional contribution to the cost of common infrastructure required to facilitate the urban development Anstey Keane Precinct.

The contribution made by each owner will be calculated on a per hectare basis using the per hectare base rate identified in DCP 4 Infrastructure Cost Schedule, which is applied across the entire DCP area. An additional cost contribution is also for some landowners where specified based on an additional rate that applies to the precinct.

The method for calculating contributions within DCP 4 is detailed in Section 5 of the Draft DCP 4 report.

Infrastructure Cost Schedule

The Infrastructure Cost Schedule (ICS) summarises the costs for infrastructure that will ultimately be adopted when DCP 4 formally comes into effect, and calculates the cost contribution on a per hectare basis. The current draft version of the ICS is provided below.

The Draft ICS adopted by Council estimates the total cost of infrastructure for the entire DCP area to be $309,641.44 per hectare (Base Rate). In relation to a number of nominated lots that fall within Precinct 2, an additional rate of $67,313.26 per hectare will also apply (Additional Rate).

The requirements and process for the review of the ICS are summarised in Section 9 of the Draft DCP 4 report. Ultimately, the revision of contribution costs and the ICS will occur on an annual basis. The outcome of the review process will be advertised to the public for 28 days. Submissions of objection received during the review period shall include supporting evidence from a suitably qualified person in that field. A report on submissions will be considered by Council for final adoption.

Once DCP 4 has been approved through the gazettal of the Amendment 102, the ICS will be reviewed within 90 days to ensure that all infrastructure costs within the DCP are as current and accurate as possible. The reviewed ICS will then be advertised to the public for 28 days via the process noted above prior to final adoption by Council.

Interim Contribution Arrangements

Whilst the gazettal of Amendment 102, and adoption of the Infrastructure Cost Schedule are currently pending, interim contribution arrangements have been put in place and are set out in Development Contributions Deed of Covenant – Anstey Keane Urban Precinct, which subdividers and developers are required to enter into with the City prior to subdivision or development progressing.

The Infrastructure Cost Schedule (ICS) summarises the costs for infrastructure that will ultimately be adopted when DCP 4 formally comes into effect, and is taken into consideration (in addition to other factors) under interim contribution arrangements prior to DCP 4 coming into effect.

The current Interim Contribution Base Rate is $334,545.67 per hectare and this currently applies in lieu of the Base Rate noted in the Infrastructure Cost Schedule section above. This contribution rate may be subject to change at the time when a contribution becomes due.

Applicants should contact the City's Contribution Arrangements team to confirm their interim amount contribution when it becomes due.

Prefunding Process for Common Infrastructure Works

A prefunding agreement will need to be approved by the City prior to the implementation of any of the common infrastructure works referred to in DCP 4. This includes all common infrastructure works, whether related to the design and/or construction phase of a project. Approval of civil or subdivisional works from the City should not be construed as prefunding approval or reimbursement under DCP 4.

The prefunding process for common infrastructure works is set out in Section 8 of the Draft DCP 4 report.

Acquisition of Land for Common Infrastructure Works

The acquisition of land for common infrastructure works, calculation of costs and valuation of land is set out in Section 4 of DCP 4.

In summary, the valuation of any land within the DCP area is determined by two licensed valuers appointed by the City and referred to as the valuation panel. Firstly the land is valued independently by each valuer. If the two valuers cannot arrive at a consensus value, then a value which represents the median value will be selected. The proposed value is then advertised for not less than 28 days to allow submissions to be made. Submissions of objection are to include evidence from a suitably qualified person in the specific field being objected to. Having considered the submissions and any comment from the valuation panel, the City shall fix upon the value to be applied under the ICS (known as the assessed value).

Further information in relation to the acquisition of land for common infrastructure works is referred to in Section 4.3 of the Draft DCP 4 report.

More Information and Contact

Contact the City’s Contribution Arrangements Team on (08) 9394 5000 or email


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