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Find out about the City’s advocacy strategy. Information on city centre activation and expansion, transport, and community is also provided.

Advocating for Armadale

With a rapidly growing population and a diverse economy, the City of Armadale’s ambition is to be a destination of choice for people to live, work, invest, study and visit with high quality modern infrastructure, public transport links and growing employment opportunities.   

To ensure appropriate services and infrastructure are continued to be delivered to the region, there needs to be a coordinated effort and further investment by Local, State and Federal Government to capitalise on the current major infrastructure projects which will in turn catalyse interest from the private sector.

The availability of residential, commercial, and industrial land means that Armadale is well positioned to grow as a region over the coming decades however to reach its full potential and to reinvigorate the heart of our city, further public and private investment is needed.   

The Strategy

The City of Armadale’s Advocacy Priorities Strategy 2022 -2030 outlines key projects and alliances needed to attract investment and accelerate development and growth. City of Armadale Councillors and staff will be working hard to advocate for these priorities with the aim of gaining long-term investment for the benefit of its community.


The Priorities

The City of Armadale aims to influence decision-makers, to bring about the following advocacy priority projects:

City Viaduct Public Realm


Transform the open public space near the Armadale Train Station redevelopment and elevated railway line into an active, engaging, and safe place.


City Views – Civic Precinct


Redevelop the City’s Civic Precinct into a modern, multi-purpose and functional community space. This ambitious transformational project will see a mix of civic, cultural, office, commercial, recreation and residential uses within a state-of-the art precinct designed for generations to come.


Medical and Health Precinct


Establish an inner-city medical and health precinct to support and increase the capacity of our health system.


Armadale Regional Recreation Reserve


Deliver the Armadale Regional Recreational Reserve as a major sporting facility of regional significance.


The Armadale Champion Centre


Secure long-term funding for the Champion Centre to continue delivery of programs for the local Indigenous community.


Hilbert District Library & Community Centre


Secure funding for the new Hilbert District Library and Community Centre for the rapidly growing community.


More information and contact

For more information on the City’s Advocacy Priorities Strategy, please contact us.

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