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Find out about the City’s advocacy strategy. Information on city centre activation and expansion, transport, and community is also provided.

Advocacy strategy

As the City’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for supporting infrastructure and services. 

Advocacy is used to ensure that the City can grow and capitalise on available opportunities. 

The City aims to influence decision-makers, in order to bring about the following advocacy priorities:

  • City centre activation and expansion
  • Transport
  • Community.  

A summary of the key priorities is provided below. For information please view the Advocacy Strategy.

City centre activation and expansion

The city centre of Armadale, is a designated strategic metropolitan activity centre. 

The Armadale City centre structure plan has been developed to rejuvenate and guide the next phase of the centre’s development. 

To keep pace with growth, and provide the services and governance required of a strategic metropolitan activity centre, the City needs supporting infrastructure.  

The City aims to influence Government decision-making on these issues to ensure achieving successful outcomes.

Higher education

A higher education facility is a key advocacy priority for the City.

The City of Armadale is the only strategic metropolitan activity centre in WA without a tertiary education facility. This provides a barrier to our youth, with education levels below the State average.


The City of Armadale is the third fastest growing local government in Western Australia.

Both the City and the neighbouring Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, are facing  population growth and industrial development.

The southern southeast corridor has low employment self-sufficiency. Many residents are forced to travel outside of the area to find employment. In addition, limited access to public transport forces more people to travel by car.

The City is advocating for increased transport options to match this growth. Road infrastructure to open up access to developments, will provide greater opportunities for investment.


Older areas in the City of Armadale share the typical issues faced by outer metropolitan suburbs. This includes intergenerational disadvantage, leading to an increase in:

  • Family violence
  • Youth crime
  • Health issues
  • Chronic disease
  • Unemployment.

This impacts the health and wellbeing of our community. It also adds stress to our welfare, justice and health services.

The City is advocating for a Regional Recreation Reserve. 

Recreation facilities are vital for the health and wellbeing of the community.

More information and contact

For more information on the City’s Advocacy strategy please contact us.

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