Advocacy Strategy

The City of Armadale advocates to bring about change in Government practice, policies and programs that assure long term benefits to the area. Being strategic in advocacy is the key to ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.

The City's Advocacy Strategy will focus efforts on key priority projects and timelines identified and endorsed by the City.

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Community Connect South

Community Connect South (CCS), an initiative of the Cities of Armadale and Cockburn, aimed to deliver economic growth to Perth’s south metro region through a strategic approach to the provision of transport infrastructure.

The CCS partnership sought funding from the State and Federal Governments for:

  • Dual carriageway for Armadale Road (between Verde Drive and Anstey Road)
  • North Lake Road Bridge and freeway interchange (linking North Lake Road and Armadale Road)

Both projects have been funded, with $145 million committed to the dual carriageway, and another $247 million committed for the North Lake Road Bridge and freeway interchange.


National Growth Area Alliance

The National Growth Area Alliance (NGAA) advocates at the Federal Government level for a stronger focus on the needs of Australia’s fast growing outer suburbs, currently home to 5 million people. The City of Armadale is one of 21 member councils who are a part of the NGAA, all of which are working with government, industry and stakeholders to advocate for the infrastructure and services required to support their residents. 

Current research and projects:

State of Australia's Fast Growing Outer Suburbs

The Fast Growing Outer Suburbs are in transition, economically as well as demographically. Their populations and their economies are becoming more diverse, with these suburbs playing a pivotal role in supporting both city centres and rural townships. Informed Decisions was engaged by NGAA to prepare a demographic and economic analysis of the Fast Growing Outer Suburbs.

The full report can be found here.

Transformational Infrastructure Projects in Australia’s Fast Growing Outer Suburbs

Transformational Infrastructure Projects in Australia’s Fast Growing Outer Suburbs identifies projects that have, or could, provide the basis for growth area councils to restructure economic and community functions. The NGAA member councils were invited to submit examples of and proposals for transformational projects, with researchers from the Universities of Melbourne, South Australia, Western Australia, and RMIT University assessing the submissions to create a list of potentially transformational projects.

The City of Armadale has been working with NGAA to compile two projects for the report:

  • Tthe Armadale Activity Centre and Underground Rail Line
  • Community Connect South