Advice regarding hazard reduction burns being conducted by Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades on Sundays

The Bushfire Risk Management Plan (BRMP) outlines the bushfire risk that exists within the City. Since the endorsement of the BRMP, Officers from the Emergency Services team have been developing a hazard reduction program for our reserves in order to reduce the risk.

In order to complete the program, in accordance with clause 49(2) of the Environment, Animals and Nuisance Local Laws 2002, the City’s Chief Bush Fire Control Officer has given approval for the City’s Volunteer Bushfire Brigades to conduct hazard reduction burns on Sundays to mitigate the risk on the following reserves;

  • Hassett Winstanley Reserve, Roleystone,
  • Hellenic Reserve, Roleystone,
  • Lina Hart Reserve, Roleystone,
  • Sylvania Park, Roleystone,
  • Hookway Reserve, Roleystone,
  • Bettenay Park, Roleystone,
  • Kurrajong Reserve, Roleystone,
  • Thomas Price Reserve, Karragullen,
  • Garland Reserve, Roleystone,
  • Bungendore Park, Bedfordale*,
  • Settlers Common, Bedfordale*

The reserves have been assessed by the City’s Environmental team and subsequent approval has been provided to complete the burns in agreement with conservational conditions. Burns on the *larger reserves will be undertaken in accordance with the agreed mosaic burn programs.

The Bushfire Risk Management System (BRMS) shows that the above mentioned reserves present an extreme bushfire risk to surrounding residential properties, and recent on-ground assessments conducted by the City’s Fire Prevention Officer indicate fuel loadings in excess of 10 tonnes/hectare.

The Emergency Services team has consulted with Senior Brigade Officers who are fully supportive of the City reducing the risk on our reserves, however they’ve indicated that they don’t want to see the reserve burns negatively impacting on their existing commitments to private property burns.

All burns will be carried out in accordance with standard conditions and at least one Officer from the Emergency Services team will be present at all burns, furthermore should a ‘haze alert’ be issued for the Perth Metropolitan area then the burns will not proceed.

Details on the burn scheduling will be disseminated through the City’s social media platforms and adjacent residents will be personally notified via letterbox drops prior to the burn commencing. The brigades will also post information in regard to upcoming burns on their social media pages.

Please do not hesitate to contact the City on 9394 5000 during normal business hours or email with any feedback.

Page Last Reviewed 21 September 2022