Vehicles that are unlawfully parked or abandoned can be impounded by Ranger Services.

The City will contact the last known owner by letter to advise of the vehicle’s whereabouts.

Report an abandoned vehicle

If you believe a vehicle has been abandoned contact Ranger Services on 08 9394 5000. 

Please provide as much detail as possible including information on:

  • Location
  • Description of the vehicle
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • Plate number (if the plate is still on the vehicle).

Rangers will attend and place a sticker on the vehicle requesting the owner remove it within 24 hours. Rangers cannot tow a vehicle without this 24 hour period being followed. If the vehicle remains in place after this time Rangers may tow the vehicle to the impound facility.  

Once the vehicle has been towed the City will contact the last known owner by letter, advising them we have impounded the vehicle and the costs of getting it released.

Claim an impounded vehicle

To reclaim a vehicle, the owner must pay the necessary fees and prove ownership prior to release.

The fees involved for impounded vehicles are as follows:

  • Obstructing vehicle impounding fee: $100.00
  • Obstructing vehicle towing fee: Full cost recovery
  • Storage fee (per day after 5 working days): $20.00

More information and contact

For more information or if you have any questions contact the City by phone on 9394 5000 or email.

Page Last Reviewed 11 March 2021