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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

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Children and Families

The City of Armadale recognises and values the pivotal role that families and children play in our community and aims to create a safe, supportive place where children are encouraged to play, grow and learn.

The City works alongside and builds relationships with local community groups to provide a range of activities and services that reflect the diversity of children’s interests, abilities and needs, and supports parental involvement in play, learning and care.

The City has employed a dedicated officer within its Community Development Team to work with organisations and community groups to develop projects that address the needs of children and families within the City of Armadale.

Please contact Community Development Officer - Children & Families on 9399 0457 or email

Children and Families Strategy

In April 2010 Council endorsed a Children and Families Strategy to guide the City’s efforts in supporting children and families over the period 2010 - 2013. While there are some specific projects outlined, many strategies require a community-based approach in which the City’s role will vary depending on the capacity of external agencies to respond. In essence, the Strategy sets out a mechanism where by:

  • Issues are clearly identified;
  • Community-wide responses are developed ;
  • The City's role in those responses is clearly defined.

Consistent with the City's approach as the service provider of last resort, officers will always look to capacity in the community for responses before considering taking on direct service delivery. There are many benefits in this ‘Maximum Outcome with Minimum Intervention’ approach including:

  • Building capacity in local organisations;
  • Creating an environment of collaboration between stakeholders;
  • Engendering ownership of issues and solutions;
  • Far greater pool of expertise to consider issues and responses;
  • Significant advocacy power to other levels of government.

Most significantly, this approach works towards creating a stronger, more resilient and sustainable community.

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Child Health Nurses employed in Child Health Centres located within Armadale offer advice and assistance in the areas of early childhood health and development.

The City offers a free Immunisation Program for children in partnership with the Department of Health and Ageing. Further information may be obtained by contacting the City's Health Services department on (08) 9399 0111 and for the City's Clinic Dates refer to the Immunisation Clinics Calendar 2014 (PDF 134 KB).

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When it comes to recreation the City is a one stop shop brimming with parks, playgrounds, a leisure centre and aquatic centre.

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Playgroups are a great way for both young children and parents to interact with others. Contact Playgroup WA on 1800 171 882 or visit to find registered playgroups within Armadale and surrounding areas.

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Child Care services, Kindergartens and Schools

There are a range of quality child care (including family day care and out of school hours care) options, kindergartens and primary schools available to families within the City of Armadale.

Find out more about child care options in the City of Armadale

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Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)

The Australian Early Development Census is a community measure of young children's development, based on the scores from a teacher-completed checklist consisting of over 100 questions. The AEDC checklist measures five areas of child development:

  • physical health and wellbeing
  • social competence
  • emotional maturity
  • language and cognitive skills, and
  • communication skills and general knowledge.

Teachers of children in their first year of formal schooling complete the checklist on each child after they have had a chance to observe their development.

The AEDC provides communities from around Australia with the opportunity to better understand how they can allocate resources and concentrate their efforts towards improving outcomes for children. For more information and results of the AEDC, including results for the Armadale area, visit

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