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Monday, 2 February 2015

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Town Planning Scheme No.4

The new Town Planning Scheme (PDF 1.35 MB) consists of the scheme text and a set of Zoning and Special Control Area Maps. The Scheme is to be read in conjunction with the Local Planning Strategy (PDF 29.1 MB) and is supported by a suite of new and revised Local Planning Policies (PDF 2.97 MB) adopted under the Scheme.

The Local Planning Strategy is available for viewing at the City's Administration Centre.

Zoning Maps

Click on one of the Zoning Map areas to view.

TPS4 Zoning Map 1 TPS4 Zoning Map 2 TPS4 Zoning Map 3
TPS4 Zoning Map 4 TPS4 Zoning Map 5 TPS4 Zoning Map 6
TPS4 Zoning Map 7 TPS4 Zoning Map 8 TPS4 Zoning Map 9

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Special Control Area Maps (supplementary)

  • Map 1 - Landscape and bushland protection areas and buffer areas of potential environmental hazard impacts
  • Map 2 - Groundwater protection areas
  • Map 3 - Development (structure planning) areas, development contribution areas and environmental conditions

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Development Contribution Plans

The purpose of Development Contribution Plans (DCPs) is to provide for equitable cost sharing arrangements for common infrastructure required to facilitate development within an area, referred to as a Development Contribution Area (DCA). Cost contributions are only required as a result of subdivision and/or development of land within a DCA. DCAs are shown on Special Control Area (SCA) Map No.3.

Part 6B of Town Planning Scheme No.4 enables the City to prepare DCPs that facilitate the cost sharing of specific items of infrastructure across a number of landowners in a DCA. The purpose of Part 6B is to identify areas requiring cost contributions that relate to subdivision and development, to provide for equitable sharing of costs, to ensure that cost contributions are only required towards common infrastructure required resulting from the subdivision or development of land in the DCA, and to coordinate the timely provision of infrastructure. Part 6B also includes the provisions for when a landowner’s liability to contribute arises, and the general principles and objectives of a DCP that the City must uphold.

DCPs are adopted under Schedule 13 of TPS No.4 and set out the particular infrastructure to which cost sharing arrangements relate and the cost sharing arrangements which apply.

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Users of this web site are advised that the City of Armadale accepts no legal responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in Town Planning Scheme No 4. Whilst the City of Armadale endeavours to regularly update and amend the information contained within the document, the accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed. The content of this web site may also change, vary or be amended at any time. Confirmation of zoning and density coding may be obtained by viewing the official version of Town Planning Scheme No 4 which is available at the City's Administration Centre. Confirmation of information relating to lot sizes and boundaries may be obtained from the Department of Land Information.

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