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Saturday, 31 January 2015

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The City's Town Planning Department promotes high standards of development and appropriate environmentally sustainable uses of land within the City of Armadale through the City's Town Planning Scheme No.4 (PDF 1.35 MB), Policies (PDF 2.97 MB) and Local Planning Strategy (PDF 29.1 MB).

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has planning control over the balance of land within the City's boundaries, including the following precincts:

  • Armadale Central - West of Commerce Avenue
  • Kelmscott - portion bound by Albany Highway, Railway Avenue and Davis Road, including a southern part of Third Avenue
  • Champion Lakes
  • Champion Drive
  • Forrestdale East
  • Forrestdale West
  • Wungong Urban- including Hilbert and Haynes - south of Armadale Road, east of Tonkin Hwy and south of Eighth and Roads

The Introduction to the Western Australian Planning System (PDF 3.07 MB) (PDF 3.07MB) document prepared by the State Government is useful to people who are interested in how the Western Australian planning system works. It describes the various roles, responsibilities and functions of the key players actively involved in the planning system. The document describes the procedures for subdivision and amendments to the Metropolitan Regional Scheme (MRS) and Town Planning Scheme (TPS).

Planning Information Sheets

The City has prepared the following Information Sheets to provide basic information on planning matters.

Information Sheets:


Information Sheets (State Government):

Landscaping Guidelines:

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Commercial Vehicle Parking

A commercial vehicle means a licensed or unlicensed vehicle (including any trailer or attachment) whether in a serviceable condition or not, used, designed or intended to be used in the course of trade or commerce and includes vehicles described in the First Schedule to the Road Traffic Act 1974, but does not include a caravan, farm tractor, motor car, motor carrier, motor cycle, station sedan, station wagon or utility. No commercial vehicle is permitted to remain on privately owned land for a longer period than is necessary for loading and unloading unless Council has issued planning approval, permitting such a vehicle.

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Detailed Area Plans

Detailed Area Plans (DAPS) are adopted by the City in accordance with Clause 6A.5 of Town Planning Scheme No.4 to control development and vary specific Residential Design Code standards relating to building setbacks, open space and garage locations etc.

Download Detailed Area Plans.

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Development applications

In most cases a new building development or change in land use requires an application for planning approval. Other approvals administered by the City's Planning Department include home occupations, truck parking permits, amended development envelopes, signs and zoning certificates. Applicants are advised to liaise with the City's Planning Department to determine if an application is required.

The City's Town Planning Scheme No.4 and Policies (PDF 2.97 MB) outline the various requirements and issues to be addressed as part of a formal application.

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Home Occupation, Office or Business

The City's Town Planning Scheme No.4 provides use classes of 'Home Occupation', 'Home Office' and 'Home Business' that allows low impact occupations or hobbies to be conducted from a person's own home in areas where the zoning may otherwise not allow such uses. An application is necessary if any part of your home or property is being used in association with a business. 'Home Office' enquiries need to be referred to the City's Planning Services Department as in some cases approval may not be necessary.

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Structure Plans

A Structure Plan is to be prepared and adopted prior to subdivision or development of land within Development (Structure Planning) Areas as identified on Special Control Area Map 3 (PDF 357 KB).

Additional provisions may also apply to each Development (Structure Planning) Area and are described in Schedule 12 of Town Planning Scheme No.4.

Part 6A of the Town Planning Scheme No.4 outlines the requirements and procedures to follow when preparing a Structure Plan.

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Applications for subdivision are made to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The WAPC is the authority responsible for determining all subdivision/amalgamation and survey strata applications. Applicants are advised to verify zoning, building set backs and other relevant subdivision standards and requirements with Council's Planning Department prior to lodging an application with the WAPC.

Requests for clearance of subdivision conditions involving the local authority (LG) must be lodged with the City's Planning Department (see below).

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The City's Town Planning Scheme outlines zoning and defines what land uses/development may and may not be permitted on a property. It is a statutory document accompanied by a map (indicating various zones) that the Planning Department uses to make development decisions.

The procedures for rezoning/amending the Scheme are strictly regulated and often lengthy with extensive consultation requirements and approvals required by the Western Australian Planning Commission. Rezoning proposals are also subject to assessment by the Environmental Protection Authority.

Applications to rezone or amend the Scheme must address Part 10.2 of the City's Town Planning Scheme No.4.

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Advertisements (Signage)

The City’s Local Planning Policy, PLN 4.2 Advertisements (Signage) provides a framework for regulating the design and placement of signage in the City of Armadale. The City supports the need for signage to promote a business or activity, but it also supports the need for signage that does not adversely impact the amenity and streetscapes of the City and remains compatible with the design, character and use of buildings and places.

The policy applies to all signage proposed in the City and provides guidance to applicants making signage applications to the City.

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Tree Preservation Orders

The City’s Town Planning Scheme No.4 (PDF 1.35 MB) provides a number of mechanisms to protect significant trees or groups of trees. Tree Preservation Orders is one mechanism which allows the City to serve a notice requiring landholders to preserve a tree or group of trees under Clause 11.8. This notice prevents landholders from cutting, removing or otherwise destroying any preserved tree unless the City grants approval or rescinds the notice or order.

The issuing of a notice is used when the tree in question is of such significance that additional protection is warranted. The tree must meet at least one significance criteria as provided in the City’s Local Planning Policy PLN 2.4: Tree Preservation (PDF 2.97 MB) a) Heritage Significance; b) Species Significance; or c) Location, Landscape and Landmark Significance. If the tree(s) meets one or more of these criteria, the condition of the tree(s) and its existing and potential impacts are assessed.

Any person may request that the City investigate the significance of a tree with a view to issuing a notice under Clause 11.8 of Town Planning Scheme No. 4. Such requests should be prepared with detailed justification using the form provided in Policy PLN 2.4 (PDF 2.97 MB) linked below. The City may issue the Tree Preservation Order Notice or decline to do so.

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