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Friday, 30 January 2015

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Building and Construction Site Management

With increasing development and construction activity within the City, it is important to note that problems with dust, noise and rubbish are on the rise. It is also important that environmental problems such as asbestos are dealt with in accordance with regulations.



The City's Health and Building Services require rubbish receptacles (or suitable alternative) to be on every building site, adequate enough to ensure that the site is kept as clean and clear of rubbish as practically possible and to ensure rubbish does not get blown offsite. This is a requirement of the City of Armadale's Environment, Animals and Nuisance Local Laws 2002 - Litter and Refuse on Building Sites (PDF 944 KB).

Infringement Notices (with modified penalties of up to $500 for each offence) will be issued to those builders that do not meet the requirements.


Under the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997, construction work on a construction site cannot start before 7am, or after 7pm, Monday to Saturday, without having to comply with the assigned (permitted) noise levels. Any works that need to be done outside of these hours and on public holidays must first be assessed in the form of a Noise Management Plan, submitted to the City of Armadale for approval. The application must be submitted with the application fee.

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The City's Environment, Animals and Nuisance Local Laws 2002 (PDF 944 KB) requires any sand and/or dust to be prevented from escaping a property, when there is any earthwork, clearing of vegetation, or any site work/construction on that property. This is not limited to land that is subject to development or subdivision.

Some methods of dust control include (but are not limited to):

  • Applying water or a binding agent to those areas/activities that are likely to produce dust (be aware of Water Corporation water restrictions).
  • Ensure adequate water availability: Contact the Water Corporation Technical Services Division on 131395 for further details.
  • Ensure stockpiles and finished ground are stabilised.
  • Erection of temporary screening (minimum two metres in height with porosity of around 50 per cent) in the direction of prevailing winds.
  • Ensure trucks entering and leaving the site are covered and that any spillage onto the ground surface and roads is promptly cleaned up.

There has been a rapid growth in the amount of development occurring within the City. Inevitably, dust has become a primary problem on these development sites. The City’s Health Services will be requiring Dust Management Plans to be submitted to the Health Services Department for assessment and approval, prior to the issue of a Building Licence. This will apply to any works associated with construction that meet all the following criteria:

  • Construction of industrial, commercial or multiple-unit residential developments; and
  • Properties where the land area is equal to or greater than 2,000 m2; and
  • The proposed development is close to an existing urban area; and
  • In instances where earthworks, land clearing or other site work is likely to generate dust in adverse conditions

Before submitting a Dust Management Plan, please ensure you have completed the following:

  • Read through the ‘City of Armadale Guidelines for Dust Management Plans’ document
  • Read through and complete site classification chart in accordance with Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) guidelines
  • Complete Dust Management Plan Forms

Please note that there is an application fee payable when submitting the completed application. Applications will not be assessed unless all the information has been supplied and the fee paid.

Application & Site Classification Forms:

The DEC guidelines information in the above attachment contains an extract of the entire document. If you wish to view the entire document please click here (PDF 52.7 KB).

Please note that it is an offence under the Environment, Animals and Nuisance Local Laws 2002 (PDF 944 KB) to commence any works without an approved Dust Management Plan. The owner/occupier (including builders) will be responsible and may be liable to be issued with an Infringement Notice with a modified penalty of up to $500.

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