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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

About Armadale

Timeline since European Settlement

1830 The Township of Kelmscott was gazetted and declared to be at latitude 32 degrees 7'S and longitude 116 degrees 2'E. Initially the townsite served as a military outpost to protect the early settlers and explorers. The Canning River locality provided the early Settlers with fertile soils and a vital water supply.
1851 Work commenced on the Perth to Kelmscott Road.
1853 The original Narrogin Inn established at the corner of Albany Highway and South West Highway for travellers venturing southwards towards Albany. This establishment signalled the beginnings of the township of Armadale.
1855 First policeman in Kelmscott - Constable Cronin.
1866 The first saw mill was built by Thomas Buckingham at Roleystone.
1871 Road District Boards were formed by the Government.
1871 St Mary's Church in Kelmscott was built.
1880s Timber had become an important industry in Kelmscott and Roleystone with the milling of jarrah ('West Australian Mahogany'), Red Gum and Sheoak. This timber was used to construct railway sleepers, the first bridge over the Swan River, the Rockingham Jetty, the Bunbury telegraph line, and bridges over the Canning River in Kelmscott.
1889 Railway line from Perth to Armadale was completed and Armadale mushroomed into a vital and prosperous settlement with houses, roads and shops clustering around the station. Settlers were now able to send all their produce more quickly to Perth by rail. This included eggs, fruit, vegetables, dairy produce, milk, livestock, timber and bricks. The routing of the railway line through Armadale was an important step in the town's history.
1894 The Kelmscott Road Board was created.
1895 First District Town Hall was built.
1898 Opening of the Post and Telegraph Office in Jull Street, Armadale.
1900 Original Armadale Primary School was built.
1902 The Armadale Brick Works was opened occupying the area where Dale Cottages now stand.
1903 Original Roads Board Office was built.
1907 Armadale to Fremantle Railway Line constructed.
1909 Gazettal of Armadale Townsite on 26 February.
1910 The Kelmscott Roads Board was renamed the Armadale Kelmscott Roads Board.
1911 Public street lighting was introduced.
1924 Power lines were installed.
1925 Official opening of the Churchman's Brook Dam.
1928 Opening of the first Armadale Kelmscott Hospital.
1930 Araluen Park was officially opened.
1940 Official opening of the Canning Dam.
1950 Gwynne Park Oval was upgraded.
1950-1952 Construction of the Armadale Brickworks on South West Highway.
1953 Opening of the Armadale Senior High School (officially opened in 1955).
1957 Opening of Dale Cottages Retirement Village - the first retirement village in the City of Armadale.
1958 First Armadale Library Opened.
1959 First meeting of the Armadale Kelmscott Seniors Group.
1960 First Kelmscott Library Opened.
1960-1 Following the proclamation of the Local Government Act in 1960 the Roads Board was officially designated the Shire of Armadale Kelmscott in 1961.
1964 Opening of Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital, Albany Highway.
1967 The new Armadale Kelmscott Council Chambers and Administrative Offices opened in Orchard Avenue.
1972 Armadale Square Shopping City Opened.
1972 New Armadale Library Opened in Orchard Avenue.
1973 Morgan Park Opened.
1974 Creyk Park Opened.
1976 History House Municipal Museum was officially opened off Jull Street, Armadale.
1977 Byford Ward becomes part of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.
1977 Opening of the Elizabethan Village - Canns Road.
1979 Wungong Dam opening.
1979 Opening of the Armadale Recreation Centre.
1979 The Town of Armadale was proclaimed.
1980 Opening of Pioneer World.
1984 Armadale Shopping City Opened.
1985 The City of Armadale was proclaimed.
1985 New Armadale Council Chambers and Administrative Offices opened.
1987 Minnawarra Park was established.
1987-1988 New Armadale Primary School was built.
1990 Opening of Seville Grove Library.
1990 City population reaches 50,000.
1991 Electrification of Perth to Armadale railway.
2001 Creation of the Armadale Redevelopment Authority with proposed 10 year life span to assist and facilitate the development of the district. 
2003 Official Opening of Birtwistle Local Studies Library on 20 June.

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